In today’s fast paced and technologically advanced world, what is the optimal way for African-focused investors to capitalize on fast growing unlisted middle-market companies across the African continent?

While perhaps having long histories, unlisted middle-market growth companies in Africa often do not have the same track record and transparency investors see in comparable larger listed companies, making investing more difficult and riskier.

Nevertheless, there are many golden nuggets in the unlisted middle market space waiting for the perfect investment partner to inject growth capital into their business. In turn, those businesses can deliver superior financial profits desired by mid-cap investors and fund managers.

Although we have discovered mid-cap investors are strong at assessing financial and legal matters related to investments, correspondingly, these same investors have noticeable gaps in evaluating a target acquisition’s operations, supply chain and logistics – the very core of what influences a company’s profitability today.


We are a team of experienced operations management practitioners who love to roll up our sleeves and troubleshoot problems to unlock the wealth in operations along with the investment and management teams. Collaborating with primarily African based industries and investors, we believe in working side by side with the investment team to make every opportunity count; in the front office, the back office, or anywhere in-between. We will subsist with you before, during and after the project.

Rather than walking away after making suggestions, we will implement our recommendations, transfer our knowledge and train all relevant employees in the company, so the employees have the best ability of producing great results for the company. Furthermore, we will ascertain the results are measurable and thus completely sustainable.

After all, if forty years of experience have shown us one thing, it would be that the only way to truly empower performance is through partnership.


We work with companies to reach their highest potential through greater operating innovation across their entire operational infrastructure. This allows us to provide real value by improving financial performance focusing on the only true predictor of recurring cash flow: “Operations.”


Rather than relying on “standard templates,” we believe every situation is unique and different and we tailor our solution offering to suit. Whether you’re buying a company or looking to “turnaround” a company you’re already invested in, DDP brings deep insight and value to any operations-related problem or opportunity at affordable prices rapidly.

Operational improvement starts with digging into what truly makes your company tick. We’ll handpick a team uniquely qualified to address your specific challenges, observe how you do things and talk to the people on the frontlines. Then we’ll turn our findings into a detailed, workable plan, complete with mechanisms from our well-rounded toolkit.

As a member of a management team looking to significantly boost your enterprise’s operational and financial performance or part of an investment / private equity firm seeking to enhance the profitability and value of its portfolio companies, we encourage you to get in touch and learn more about how DDP can work with you.


Over the years, we’ve developed a detailed, step-by-step engagement and deliver process designed to deliver exactly the results you need to move forward.


We investigate areas of opportunity, set priorities and define the range and breadth of our mutual engagement.


We narrow our points of focus, looking at which business units, plants or facilities to target, and develop a detailed implementation plan.


At this point, when most consultants shake your hand, leave you with a binder and walk out the door, we settle down and begin to create a broad-based project plan, organizing work breakdown structures, developing performance goals, as well as determining measurement metrics and making sure our strategies will get the desired results. We are then available to mentor and coach your team as they grow.